A NATIONAL public health campaign has been launched in all community pharmacies across Wales.

The month-long campaign aims to raise awareness about the causes of skin cancer, how to recognise the symptoms and what steps people can take to reduce their risk.

Public Health Wales and Community Pharmacy Wales, with the support of Tenovus, will advise those at a greater risk of getting skin cancer on the steps they can take to reduce the risk, like seeking shade in the middle or the day and keeping a high SPF sun-cream topped up.

Pharmacy customers can also take a quiz to assess their usual behaviour in the sun as well as test their awareness of how to reduce their own risk of skin cancer.

Skin cancer is now one of the most common types of cancer in people between the ages of 15 to 34.

Early diagnosis has a big impact on skin cancer survival rates, but many people — particularly older people and men — delay seeking advice if they are worried.

Andrew Evans, principal pharmacist for Public Health Wales, said: “Each year, around 700 people in Wales are diagnosed with malignant melanoma and around 100 people will die from it.

“There is so much we can do to save lives by getting the message across that detecting cancer early has a huge impact on people’s chances of survival.”