RECYCLING bags for plastic and food waste are now available from libraries in Newport and the Information Station on Queensway.

Newport City Council said last Friday they were trying to make it as easy as possible for residents to recycle.

Last year there was a 15 per cent rise in the amount of plastic collected for recycling across the city, but more recycling could still be done.

“You can recycle paper, card, plastic packaging, glass bottles and jars, cans, foil, aerosols, textiles, small electrical items, garden waste and even food waste all from the comfort of your own home,” a spokeswoman for the council and Wastesavers said.

Councillor Ken Critchely, cabinet member for infrastructure, said: “Recycling is important and the council tries to make it as easy as possible for its residents to do so. The latest initiative of having bags for plastics and food available at local libraries as well as at the Information Station is designed to make it easier for residents to collect and ensure they can carry on recycling.”

Clear bags for hard plastic were introduced in 2012, but plastic such as clingfilm, carrier bags and crisp packets cannot be collected.

The bags are available for collection now.