THIRTY-FOUR students represented Newport-based Gassor’s Tournament Team at the Global Taekwon-Do International (G.T.I) National Open Championships in Cheltenham and came away with a fantastic 25 trophies and medals.

The results were 7 Gold, 5 Silver and 13 Bronze.

Gassor’s Tournament Team are based at Newport’s Martial Arts & Fitness Centre (MAFC) in Maindee and the club are very proud of all 34 students who took part in the competition.

Gassor’s senior Instructor and head coach Leanne Gassor-Jones 4th Degree Black Belt, would like to thank all Gassor’s students, parents, families and supporters for all of their continuous hard work and support.

The teams’ results were:

Gold: Caitlin Nail – Sparring, Courtney Kyte – Sparring, Emilio Thacker – Patterns, Kian Luton – Sparring, Tegan Givvons – Sparring and Tomos Sharwood – 1 Gold in Points Stop Sparring & 1 Gold in Continuous Sparring. Silver: Arron Rose – Sparring, Craig Radford – Patterns, George Williams – Sparring, Jamie Yung – Sparring and Logan Hegarty – Patterns.

Bronze: Arron Rose – Patterns, Chayton Worrell – Sparring, Craig Radford – Sparring, Emilio Thacker – Sparring, Jade Rendle – Sparring, Jake Rendle – Sparring, Lexie Smith – 1 Bronze is Point Stop Sparring & 1 Gold in Continuous Sparring, Logan Hegarty – Sparring, Matiss Jekalis – Sparring, Owen Carter – Sparring, Rhian Morgan – Sparring and Rhiannon Nielsen – Sparring. A big ‘WELL DONE’ also goes to the following students who all did really well at the tournament too: Alexander Hemming, Axel Hegarty, David Petrescu, Ethan Kyte, Harri Radford, Liam Forehead, Liam Rossiter, Logan Maskell, Morgan Stones, Myles Bassage-Morgan, Owain Thompson-Reynolds, Owen Powell, Samuel Chand, Sam Pupic and Stefan Petrescu.

Anyone interested in sponsoring Gassor’s Tournament Team or would like more information about classes at the Martial Arts & Fitness Centre (MAFC), Maindee, Newport or its satellite clubs, call 01633 222260 or view the MAFC website