WELSH para-sport sprinter Rhys Thomas described his bronze medal in the T37 100m on Monday night as ‘awesome,' writes Andrew Penman.

The 20-year-old from Church Village, who has cerebral palsy, was third at Hampden Park in a time of 12.03 seconds behind two South Africans – Fanie van der Merwe and Charl du Toit.

Jones' medal was one of four won by Welsh competitors on day five of the Commonwealth Games.

“Any colour would've been amazing, it's a dream come true. I'm so proud to be here with a dragon on my chest at the para-athletics,” said Jones.

“It was just absolutely awesome, winning any medal is awesome. I mean I would've loved to have come away with a silver medal, but this was my first major medal in such a great competition and wow, what an experience.

“The atmosphere in the athletes’ village is simply electric, even when it's been raining,” he added.

“Glasgow is an awesome city and the crowd has cheered me on the whole way through."

Jones' preparations for the Games were disrupted by injuries, a fact he said made winning a medal even more enjoyable.

"It's been an injury-ridden winter and I've had a two month block of training, so getting here was amazing but coming away with a medal is unbelievable," he added.

"I've been having operations I've been having bone stresses and I've overcome all of that for this - and this is what it was all about.

"All those disappointments during the winter are made into positives now.

"I'm so happy to be here after goodness knows how many injuries. It's a privilege running with some good people.

"I plan to carry on and follow on from this fantastic achievement. Next I'm competing in the Europeans in Swansea, talk about exotic locations!"