J Williams

WILLIAMS (James) Biddy, Mary, Ann and family of the late Jimmy, would like to thank all their family and friends for the beautiful flowers, Mass Intentions, messages of sympathy and generous donations to St. Michael's Church in memory of Jimmy. To consultants and staff of Ward D5 Royal Gwent Hospital, Penhow Ward St Woolos Hospital, family doctors of St David's Clinic thank you for all the care shown to Jimmy and his family. To all the home carers for all the love they showed Jimmy on their visits, we are so grateful. Our deepest gratitude to Father John, Father George, Father Richard and Father Edmund for the wonderful Concelebrated Mass for the life and love of Jimmy and for all their visits to bring him the Sacraments that he loved so much. To the Alter servers, Ann and Ben for the beautiful music, the bearers and to all the family and friends who came from far and near to join with us to celebrate this beautiful and uplifting Mass, our grateful thanks. Thank you to David O'Connell and staff of Tovey Bros for their kindness and the wonderful way they conducted all that was needed. May God Bless you all.