You’ve been together as a band a few years now - how did it all begin?

In school, 5 of us met then while trying to form the band one of our friends (big Kev - he’s 6ft 8”)told us about a drummer with long hair working in his sports shop.

So we went there, quizzed him on his music taste and he was in!

What’s the glue that keeps you all together?

Pritstick or the fact that we know no difference!

Your new album Start The Party coincides with a new year and new tour - do you intend to party a lot in 2013?

As much as possible, keep a look out for front page of The Argus “Welsh band dies in all night mosh rave”

Tell us a bit about the album - what was your idea behind it?

Just to make an album a bit more upbeat, in a time where people are struggling. It’s escapism. You can put the album on and be anywhere you want for 30 minutes.

Who are your musical inspirations?

We all like different stuff and I think that’s a blessing. From Queen to Slayer, Justin Timberlake to Cannibal Corpse. We like it all.

You’re touring with Sonic Boom Six and Proxies are you looking forward to that?

No, they both suck but apparently they give the headline bands lots of high quality gifts!

What can fans expect from the gigs?

Sweaty, energetic Welsh rock. Oh and beach balls maybe.

What are your hopes for the New Year?

To be the biggest band of all time by Jan 22nd. (Album comes out on the 21st)

Will you be visiting Newport anytime soon?

Not if it can be helped! I’m joking we love the port! We love Le Pub, it’d be nice to play there soon!