Who Are You and Where Do You Come From?

We are Call The Doctor, we're based in Bristol but only our drummer Jordan is orginally from here. Our singer Patti was born in Bristol but spent almost all of her life in New Zealand, while Rob and Chris who play guitar and bass respectively moved to Bristol after university.

How Long Have You Been Together as a band?

The current line up has been since November 2011 but Patti and Rob first started writing songs together almost 4 years ago straight after she moved from New Zealand.

How would you describe your style of music?

Energetic, danceable, spiky guitar-pop. Our live show is really important to us.

Whats your best live experience so far?

We recently did a show at the mother's ruin in bristol where we had our first moshers and patti accidentally ended up crowd surfing! That was pretty funny. Otherwise one of my personal favourite shows was in a little cave bar in Bordeaux last year where we met someone who looked just like Emilio Estevez and learnt a new word - "gigacool".... Apparently its better than "megacool"! Those crazy Frenchies sure know how to party!

What are you working on at the moment?

We have an album out on Glasstone Records on 30 July called 'Hands will Shake' and there will be a single out from it on 20 August called 'Wrecking Ball'.

Where can we catch you live?

23 Jun - BRISTOL - The Croft, FOF Vinyl Launch 29 Jun - KINGSTON - The Cricketers 30 Jun -ABBEVILLE, FR -Le Juke Bocks 01 Jul - CAEN, FR - Ecuyes 02 Jul - ALENCON, FR - Le Labo Sonore 03 Jul - PARIS. FR - Le 114 04 Jul - NIORT, FR - Le Duplex 05 Jul - BORDEAUX, FR - i-Boat 06 Jul - SAINT SIMEUX, FR - Pub Legabariers 07 Jul - CLERMONT-FERRAND, FR - Le Baraka 10 Jul - REDING, FR - Le Lapin Blanc 11 Jul - STRASBOURG, FR - La Salamandre 12 Jul - METZ, FR - La Choueé 13 Jul - GERARDMER, FR - Le Grattoir 21 Jul - BRISTOL - Harbour Festival @ Louisiana 03 Au - BRISTOL - Head Records instore show 3PM 08 Au - LONDON - Death2Disco @ nottinghillartscentre 09 Au - LONDON - OLYMPICS full band acoustic showcase 12 Au - SWINDON - SOLAM Festival 1pm 12 Au - BATH - St James Wine Vaults 8pm 23 Au - CARDIFF - Gwdihw 24 Au - BRISTOL - Rise Records instore show for 'Wrecking Ball' 6pm 25 Au - BRISTOL - Thunderfest 06 Se - LONDON - Chick Habit 21 Se - DEVON - Betafest 22 Se - BRISFEST @ Ashton Court