With some modern cruise ships offering everything from saunas to sushi bars, it’s no wonder that more and more travellers are adding cruising to their bucket lists.

According to research by, roughly 25 per cent of passengers on journeys from Southampton to New York are now first-time cruisers.

What’s more, the company has found that a large number of these are travellers who, instead of opting for nearby European minibreaks, have decided to cross another adventure off by sailing transatlantic to the states.

Since the 2007 film of the same name brought the concept of the bucket list to wider public attention, more and more travellers around the world have been inspired to seek out bigger, more exciting journeys. With cruising attracting more and more families and young people every year, first-time cruisers of all ages are hopping aboard for the stress-free appeal of travelling by sea. representative Ian Crawford said: “People are looking to make the journey itself part of the adventure – rather than tiring long-haul flights to New York, holidaymakers want relaxing luxury travel, where they can enjoy great food and stylish accommodation on the way.”

Given that a week of world-class food and entertainment onboard a cruise ship can cost considerably less than the average UK holiday abroad, it makes sense that bucket list travellers are keen to get the best experiences possible for their money. While many first-time cruisers opt for island-hopping or exhilarating arctic experiences, large numbers want an authentic feel for their new method of transport – indulging in fine-dining and luxury treatment concepts that date back to the origins of transatlantic cruising more than 100 years ago, when passenger ships first began sailing past Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Of course, the Big Apple itself is half of the pull- ranking in the top 10 of the most visited cities in the world, a cruise to New York can cross two things off the bucket list at once. Trying a whole new method of glamorous transport is one part of the excitement and experiencing the bright lights of New York City is the other, from the Empire State building to Central Park, via an abundance of shopping and nightlife potential. In an age where flying comes as standard, the cruise industry is stepping up to prove that long-distance sailings are not just a thing of the past.