Mrs Betty James, Newport: "It's High Street, Blaina. The sweet shop, A Nicklin's was the best around and I used to buy my sweets there when I was a child.

Further up was a dress shop called Mays, which we used to refer to as the "posh shop," and a few doors away was the Baptist chapel where I got married in 1951, I then moved to Newport."

Mr Bryn Parker, Griffithstown: "The picture in the Now & Then series took me back to 1941, when I was sent to live with my Gran in Queen Street, Blaina.

The third shop up from A Nicklin (which was a sweet shop) was called 'Thomas Carmarthen Stores', where I worked for two years.

Marshman's newspaper shop was on the corner, where I also worked and I well remember that the fish and chip shop sold battered sausages. Fish was not available. The village was chock full of evacuees, mostly from London suburbs, with names like Eric Cumberpatch and Fred Agnes - so this is High Street, Blaina. "Thanks for the memory."