Last week we visited the junction of St Luke's Road, Pontnewynydd, and received the following replies:

Mike Black, Pontnewynydd: "It is a photograph of Pontnewynydd. In the Then photograph opposite the fountain was Rossers the fruit and veg shop and next door was a barbers shop.

When you go further up the road the last building in the row (by the big chimney), is where Pontnewynydd post office was built. The fountain had Neptune and about four dolphins on it.

In about 1948 when I was a young boy we use to sit by the fountain and wait for the Argus to be delivered there and then we would sort them out and deliver them around the houses."

Mrs Josie Morgan, Pontnewynydd: "The picture is of the fountain in Pontnewynydd. On the left of the picture was Jones and Porter grocers, then Mr Lewis the chemist.

The two houses next, No 3 and 4 St Luke's Road, lived my friends Mrs Doreen Amos and Mrs Joan Smith. Next was a milliners shop owned by a Miss Glen Garland.

Then Mr Nat Hillman owned the newsagents and tobacconist. Next was Bethany Chapel, Mr Probert was the minister and Mrs Waters was the organist.

On the right side of the picture was Pontnewynydd Post Office. Mrs Workman was the postmistress. Mr Jack Lovell had a garage which was an agent for Vauxhall cars.

Next was a shoe shop, Mr Bill Phillips was the owner.

Then Mr Frank Murphy had a general store. There was a smart dress shop next. Mrs Barbara Morgan was the owner. Next was Harvey's Corn store and Mr Brent had a furniture repair shop there.

Then Reg Rosser fruit and veg. The last shop was owned by Mr Bill Chew, who repaired radios and televisions and later on a betting shop was opened."

David Evans, Risca: "It is the fountain in Pontnewynydd and the shop in the background used to be Jones and Porters where my uncle was the manager there and occasionally in the 1940's my uncle, Ron Colley, would ask me to take the takings to the bank in Brynmawr and I used to travel on the Red and White bus and because I was so young it was half fare which was sixpence return.

Later on I became a driver for the Western Welsh and of course when we went up the road to Abersychan and all the cars were parked on the road but now they are parked on the pavement which is detrimental to the disabled."

Alan Edmunds, Cwmbran: "This week's scene is the old fountain in Pontnewynydd, Pontypool. Late 50's early 60's I used to collect my Argus off the delivery van opposite the fountain.

Colin Oram did Pontnewynyndd, a lad called Bankcroft did Freeholdland and I carried up to the new estate being built in Trevethin.

Behind the photograph was the steel works known as Pontnewynydd Forge this is now the industrial estate, just up the road was Peakes Bus Garage.

Across the road in the photograph for many years was Gregory's Fruit and Veg Shop down the hill towards Pontypool on the one side was The Pavilion Cinema where we always enjoyed Saturday morning matinee and on the other side was Pontnewynydd Railway Station.

We used to walk down from Trevethin catch the train down to Pontypool Crane Street then walk up to Twmpath School.

Herbert Williams, New Inn: "The place is the fountain, Pontnewynydd, Pontypool. The fountain is now sadly gone.

This was quite a busy area in the past with shops of various trading going on.

To name some of them from the past was Jones and Porter; Murphy's; Nat Hillman; a post office, garage, coal merchant and a ladies dress shop.

The road is the main road from Pontypool to Garndiffaith and Blaenavon via Abersychan. Also out of the picture was Peakes bus depot and nearby was the Western Welsh bus depot.

There was also a railway station and goods shunting yard called Branches Fork, which handled goods from collieries and steelworks within the area.

Sadly most now gone, but a younger member of the Peaks family have restarted coach transport services still using Peakes name and I believe their depot is in this area."

Mr M Price, New Inn: "The area in the picture is known as the fountain in Pontnewynydd, at the junction of Hanbury Road and St Luke's Road, on the main Pontypool to Blaenavon road.

The fountain itself had four lions heads on it, one in each direction, north, south, east, west, with the spout coming from their mouths.

It is now in the museum at Pontypool near the park.

The shops opposite were, from the end upwards, Mr Bill Chews (TV and repair shop); Mr Reg Rosser (fruit and veg shop); Harveys Pet Supplies; Mr Alf Hopkins (barber's shop); fashion shop nbext door; Mr Lyn Lewis (butchers); Mr Phillips (shoe shop).

The white wall was later removed and a garage built on the site and was owned by Mr Jack Lovell. Next door up was the post office and doctors surgery.

The building to the left of the fountain was Jones and Porter, a grocery store. Next door was a chemist shop owned by Mr Lewis. I grew up in this area as a boy."