It has to be said – Newport clearly loves Chas and Dave. Almost two years to the day after their last appearance at Newport Riverfront, the pub rock duo (along with Chas’ son Nick on drums) returned to Newport Riverfront to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the beginning of their musical partnership, and it was well attended too, with only a spattering of spare seats across the theatre.

As the pair entered the stage to rapturous applause and cheers, Chas Hodges commented “Sounds like we’re in for a good night!” He wasn’t wrong.

Chas and Dave kicked off the first half with songs they performed as a duo around London clubs and pubs in the 1970s, which Chas confirmed paid their rent. These included songs made popular by acts as diverse as rock n roller Chuck Berry and music hall performer Harry Champion, however the highlight was undoubtedly their up-tempo rendition of I Don’t Know Why I love You (But I Do) originally recorded by Clarence Frogman Henry who later recorded one of Chas and Dave’s own songs That Old Piano, performed in the second half.

There were also renditions of classic hits Margate, Ain’t No Pleasing You and Rabbit as well as Chas displaying keyboard skills he learned from hero Jerry Lee Lewis when performing with him on tour back in the 60s on Breathless.

A fantastic show indeed, enjoyed by audience members as young as 5, well into senior citizenship. As this show proved good music is the elixir of life – long may Chas and Dave continue!