Singin’ In the Rain

Millennium Centre,


For decades the classic MGM film Singin’ in the Rain has been a permanent fixture on our TV screens. How appropriate that the film has now undergone a stage show rebirth allowing it to be bigger, bolder and brighter through set design, costume, music and performance than ever before.

A family musical recalling the early days of cinema and how the golden silents became the talkies, this presentation features all the classic moments. Don and Cosmo recalling the classic days of Vaudeville, Cosmo’s energetic delivery of Make 'em Laugh, elocution exaggeration at its funniest in Moses Supposes and Lina Lamont’s tragicomic delivery of What’s wrong With Me?

James Leece and Stephane Annelli recreate the roles of Don and Cosmo delivering them with fun and energy while maintaining the high standards of Gene Kelly and Donald O Connor’s originals.

Faye Tozer has a ball in the comic role of Lina Lamont, raising more than a few laughs throughout the show, while Amy Ellen Richardson plays a gem of a performance as Kathy who has to overdub Lina’s squeaky Brooklyn accent when it is deemed unacceptable by film producer RF Simpson, played with blustering brilliance by Maxwell Caulfield.

It’s the Hollywood Boulevard Singin’ In The Rain sequence, complete with real rain and the Technicolor recreation of Broadway Ballet that really give this show its wow factor, and plenty of laughs for the whole family.

A splashing show for all the family, Singin in the Rain continues until January 5. Don’t miss it!

Andy Howells