Silly Kings,

Cardiff Castle

Okay, the Christmas Season is upon us and while South Wales is spoilt for choice with a cavalcade of pantomimes, shows and musicals for the family this festive season, National Theatre Wales has undoubtedly scored a winner with their stage adaptation of Monty Python’s Terry Jones’ Silly Kings.

Ideally situated in the atmospheric grounds of Cardiff Castle, this medieval comedy with more than a few hints of modernism and Monty Pythonesque humour is a Christmas treat for children and adults alike from start to finish.

Performed in the round, the production immediately pulls the audience into a world featuring a feisty but very pretty princess, four crazy knights, an angry fairy, a dragon (of sorts), a dashing prince and a very Silly King.

The production features all the hallmarks of great entertainment told through drama, music and energetically choreographed comic antics, with more than a hint and a healthy nod to the Monty Python team.

Where else could you expect to see medieval robbing rappers wearing bling while they sing and a beast with a thousand teeth that’s developed a bad case of toothache through eating pink cakes?

There are surprises and laughs galore, while the performances from the talented cast and musicians headed by Remy Beasley, George Fuller, Keir Charles, Hannah McPake and Stephen Casey bring a vital energy to the shows enjoyment.

Silly Kings is the jewel in the crown must-see theatrical experience of the 2013 Christmas season, it runs until January 4.

Andy Howells