ONE of literature's greatest stories is brought back to life at the Wales Millennium Centre this week. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is adapted by Simon Reade and as one of the biggest love stories of all time, the play had big shoes to fill, and boy did it fill them! 

The audience had stars in their eyes, and that wasn't just down to Matthew Kelly, former presenter of the 90s cult classic talent show's humorous, yet authoritative portrayal of Mr Bennet. No, the audience had stars in their eyes, due to the excellent synergy of the whole cast, who each managed to put a unique spin on their characters who have been played by so many over the years.

Felicity Montagu, who played Mrs Bennet, showed that the comic instincts which made her a hit in 'I'm Alan Partridge' were still as sharp as ever. Her portrayal was believable and laughs were had when she expressed her often controversial views and fickle opinions of both her family and wider Longbourn socialites.

Miss Elizabeth Bennett, Tafline Steen, is the typical witty, sarcastic, stubborn young lady who is determined not to be pushed into an unhappy marriage. While Jane, Hollie Edwin, plays the innocent and shy elder sister who longs to be married to Mr Bingley, Jordan Mifsud.

The tall, wealthy and bad-tempered Mr Darcy, Benjamin Dilloway, lacks any social graces and plays the transition from a misunderstood bad tempered character to a well-respected, loveable gentlemen to a tee. 

This is humorously nuanced take on a classic love story.