A MAN swallowing a sword and woman swinging from the ceiling by her hair aren't things you expect to see on a typical Newport weeknight.
But the Circus of Horrors served up these shocks in an evening of gruesome fun.

Not for the weak of heart (or stomach), the long-running troupe brought their famous freak show to the city's Riverfront Theatre.

Every cast member showed their demonic talents, with one chap prising the lid off a beer bottle with his eye socket, along with unspeakable acts using other body parts.

The blood, nudity and strong language suggest a show for adults, but those who still have some growing up to do got the most out of it.

The gory act wowed viewers on Britain's Got Talent and current UK tour "The Never-Ending Nightmare" is themed around things that go bump in the night.

Equal parts rock concert, burlesque show and circus, each stunt was backed by a head-banging house band.  

Trapeze artists swung from the rafters, evil clowns filled the theatre and a woman was sawn in half, only to belt out the end of a power ballad. 

Thrilling night, but this is one circus I won't be running away to join. 

Declan Harte