WHERE to start with the The Play That Goes Wrong – the sets fell down, the actors forgot their lines and some sustained injuries, props went missing and other mishaps.

It hit all the right notes.

The actors and actresses of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, also known as the Mischief Theatre Company, starred in ‘Murder at Haversham Manor’, a whodunit murder mystery where misadventure and misfortune reigned and ran amok.

Even from before the show started, the madness began with cast members searching the whole auditorium, including the stairwells for a dog named Winston, who would later be required for the play.

Although on the face of it, the Play That Goes Wrong relies on the element of physical comedy.

But it is the expertise of the choreographing, intertwined with sharp, witty, writing, which gives the show its wow factor as well as returning jokes which keep the audience on their toes, as well as guessing what will ‘go wrong’ next.

The physical demand on the actors and actresses, plus their ability to ensure they are in the correct positions to not hurt themselves as the set comes tumbling down around them adds to the zany nature of the storyline, which in all fairness is secondary to the wondrous spectacle before the audience.

In a world where perfection is desired, The Play That Goes Wrong is perfectly imperfect on so many levels.