TRICKIEST reviews to write are for tribute acts. Especially when the original artists are/were as mega as Queen. Always best to get things straight in the mind first: Frontman Patrick Myers is not Freddie Mercury, the band is not Queen, Killer Queen are Killer Queen and that’s that. Just go ahead and enjoy, I said to myself as I got ready for a nostalgic night in the capital.

KQ are the visual real deal, Myers has the ‘tache, the clenched fist and all the bright jackets and white trainers that graced stages from Rio to Wembley’s Live Aid. He has a great Freddie-esque voice, not bad at all. And the band captures the sound pretty well too.

The show opened with One Vision, seamlessly moving on to magical classics like I Want It all, Best Friend, Killer Q, Bicycle and Fat Bottomed Girls.

Time for a 20-minute interval (well done St D’s by the way for having plenty of bar staff) and returning for part two.

The packed auditorium was soon clapping and singing along to that robust thing that is called Queen’s back catalogue. No fillers, just numbers like Hammer, Break Free, Play the Game, Somebody to Love, Now I’m Here, Days of our Lives, Rhapsody and arguably my favourite, Under Pressure.

The night flowed as Myers did his Freddie best, using all parts of the stage, showing swagger and blowing kisses to the knowing crowd.

The fun closed with Rock You and Champions.

Hats off to these lads, they’re on a hiding to nothing from some hard-to-please diehards, but for me, they do a difficult job well.