ALBUM released, tour announced. Those words which have fans either licking their lips or readying themselves for disappointment. So many bands, even the best ones, make a horrible job of this, releasing a duff offering to the market and making a mess of the show setlist. Not these guys.

Come the end of this concert, I as someone who isn't even much of a fan of Maximo Park, left purring with delight.

The Geordie/Teesside indie/alt-rockers delivered a well-crafted gig which captures the zeitgeist of our politically and socially-divided little world.

They opened with a couple of tracks from the new Risk to Exist album, numbers which carry a restrained but well-meant anger against issues like the refugee crisis and globalist excess.

Following was a switch to fan-favourites like Books from Boxes, Coast, Brain Cells and a sublime Graffiti.

Lead singer Paul Smith enjoyed plenty of banter, with a light-hearted dig at an 'aggressive Cardiff city centre' (cue some ironic cheers!) before delivering a smattering of songs from RtE like Reason I Am Here and What Equals Love.

Main set closed with Girls Who Play Guitars, and the whoop-whooping crowd lapped up an encore of Parisian Skies, Apply Some Pressure, and Get High (No I Don't).

Maximo Park will no doubt get some digs for the possibly meek tone of their political songs, they are no Rage Against The Machine, Clash or KMFDM, but they're not trying to be any of those bands. The songs carried commendable messages, and the lack of venom will have plenty of fans.

Good show, devotees and more casual observers looked happy as they exited, another good night for Tramshed.