As he stood before the audience, clad in bright pastel shades while fine-tuning his guitar strings, it became clear that the next 60minutes in the hands of Mark Morriss would be one to savour. Greeted by ear-to-ear smiles and over-exuberant applause, one could have forgiven Morriss for being slightly intimidated by the intimacy of the venue.

It soon became clear, however, that nothing could deter him from doing nothing but enjoy himself. He’s done this all before, you see, which is why he seemed as comfortable on stage as a sailboat on calm waters. Taking time to sip from a glass of white wine between each song, his on-stage charisma, and dare I say cockiness, charmed the audience who seemed captivated by his crowd-pleasing set.

Amidst showcasing classic Bluetones hits, such as A New Athens and I Was A Teenage Jesus, among his own, individually crafted material, such as I'm Sick and Alcoholiday, Morriss also provided some extra treats. His toe-tapping cover of Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer and occasional interlude of KC & the Sunshine Band’s Give It Up helped form a deeply warming and delightful show.