Was your ambition always to be an actor?

I always wanted to play rugby. When I was growing up, players like Jonathan Davies and John Devreaux were earning a living up north and professional rugby union was inevitability. So, as a boy, I thought it was a feasible career. Then I got injured and had to reconsider. I chose Drama as an A-level because I didn’t know what else to do. My drama teacher told me I was good and convinced me to pursue it as a career. So far, it’s worked out well. So thank you, Mr Hardman.

Of the roles you’ve played so far, what has been your favourite?

I often play goodies, so it’s fun to get the chance to play dangerous characters now and again. I recently played a stalker in Doctors (nothing too insidious). And years ago, I did an American play where I was a Puerto Rican street gang member in New York.

What can you tell readers about your role in Robin Hood?

It’s so much fun to get the chance to do panto in my home town. I get to do the hero stuff like sword-fighting and wooing Maid Marion (played by Elin Llwyd) .

What can visitors expect from the show?

There’s a lot of comic characters who have their banter with the audience. Sometimes it’s really hard to keep a straight face when some of those guys veer off the script and do something unexpected. That’s what’s great about panto.

How do you plan to spend your Christmas Day this year?

This Christmas Day, I’m going to cook something fancy, put on the fire, and spend the day watching my son enjoy the magic of Christmas. That will be bliss.

What’s your wish for 2013?

My wish for 2013 is that my family stays healthy and enjoys life, and that I find a pot of gold at the bottom of the garden.