How did you come together as a band?

Sarah: It started as a project for my degree so it was just myself writing songs for four months. Jenna visited me in the summer holidays to see my first “ToyPOP!” gig for the Music Festival in my hometown in Shropshire.

I found it hard to figure out in my head how I would play everything myself at the same time– it was in fact impossible. So Jenna picked up the tambourine and we turned into a ToyPOP!

Jenna: I had no idea that wanting to help out a friend could lead into my own dream to be fulfilled, to be in a girl band.

Sarah: We were a duo for a few months. we did six gigs and it was tons of fun. However, I felt ToyPOP! needed more members. I asked my flatmate Hannah to join in January.

Hannah: Which I was really happy about.

Sarah: We had a few band practices and then my lecturer (he’s a bit of legend) told me about a girl named Isabel in first year on my course that sings and plays the ukelele. We wasted no time and met up in the next week. She was totally awesome.

The missing element we had been searching for. Yo u know when something sounds like something’s missing?

Well she was the missing bit.

Isabel: Awwwwww guys you are so sweeet.

Well I’ve been in other bands and I have never clicked as well as with these beautiful people.

We’ve only known each other for four months and they’re already like my sisters.

Who are you and where do you originate from?

Sarah: I’m ShiftyPOP! And I’m from Shropshire. My course mates think that I like chips and gravy because of where I live but I don’t. I prefer cheese.

Hannah: I’m FruityPOP! I have a hair dying obsession... but not just any hair dye obsession. It’s got to be bright and eye catching just like my personality winks Technically I’m from Pontypool but I currently live in Caerleon. Living up the student life! (Living off soup and noodles).

Isabel: I’m FizzyPOP! I have lived in Newport all my life. Many people think me and Fruity look like twins; I reckon that’s a compliment on my behalf (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.) Everywhere I go, I just dance. Its becoming a bit of a problem, like a tick. If I hear music, my toe just starts a tappin’ and I’m off.

Jenna: I’m CheezyPOP!

And original home is in Barry, where I had the sea to look at whenever I needed to cheer myself up... you know, before there was ToyPOP! and friends.

How would you describe your style of music?

Sarah: It’s upbeat, happy and unique. It’s memorable. Yo u see, my aim was to make something totally awesome. It’s an acquired taste and I have a lot of fun with it. I don’t like to stick to rules you see.

Hannah: I think people underestimate us. They’re always surprised by how good it is. People tend to judge us before they have listened. If you haven’t yet, listen now.

Isabel: The simple but catchy melodies and chorus lines generate a commercial sound but the toys make it more individual. People describe it as ‘different’ but in a good way. A way that gets heads turning and the great thing about our sound is that it can apply to all types of audiences.

An audience that loves something a bit different.

Jenna: If you’re not happy and bouncing around the place after you listened to it then I’d give you a sweet because you’re clearly lacking energy. Or fruit.. fruits have totally more energy in... I mean, look at FruityPOP!

What’s your best live experience so far?

Sarah: The Devauden Music Festival. Really pretty area, we got greeted with homemade cottage pie and cakes and got free drinks at the bar. It was great seeing people enjoying themselves and kids running around to the music. Also the time when we supported Rogora Khart in Le Pub. They dance so well.

Hannah: We ran out of flyers. ALL THE FLYERS. Apparently, you can never have too many flyers.

Isabel: We had such a great time at the Devauden Music Festival. Everybody was so kind and we had a great response from the audience.

Jenna: It was the first time we performed at a place around people that shared an equal amount of love for toys as we do. Plus we were fed lovely food, which we photographed.

What are your plans for the next few months?

Sarah: Move back to Shropshire because my wonderful degree creating ToyPOP! Is now finished.

ToyPOP! will be staying together even though I’m moving back. It’s worth the distance!

Jenna: Might start learning how to drive... you better stay off the pavement!

Isabel: I can’t wait for summer. It’ll be nice to have chill after all these stressful exams and modules.

I’m also very, very excited for our future gigs and spending some time together as a band.

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