SOUTH Wales Fire and Rescue invited youth groups from across Newport to the launch of their new film and phone app yesterday at Cineworld, Spytty.

The hard-hitting short film, which was made by production company Visual Influences in conjunction with Newport University, is about the dangers of buying illegal fire works.

South Wales Fire and Rescue works closely with Gwent Police and trading standards from across Gwent at this time of year to reduce the number of illegal fireworks being sold.

Illegal fireworks often have more powder in them than legal fireworks, making them extremely dangerous.

Gary Davies, group manager and head of the fire crime unit, said: “The new app is one of only ten bilingual Welsh/English apps available, and it’s the first of any fire service in the UK.

“The app gives all the information and helps people deal with and report crimes.

“For instance, if you spot dumped gas cylinders or rubbish, you can take a picture of it through the app and it will be sent directly to us.

“Not only that, a GI code will be sent with the picture, giving us an exact location, so we can respond quickly.”

Huw Jakeway, chief fire officer for South Wales Fire and Rescue, said: “This time of year is always extremely busy for us.

“In the last week alone our crews, out responding to genuine calls, have been attacked by groups of youths with fireworks.”

The film can be watched on YouTube, the South Wales Fire and Rescue website and on the app, available to download now for Android, Blackberry and Apple phones.