A REFEREE who was punched in the head by a parent over an offside decision at an under-16s football match in Caldicot has spoken about the attack for the first time.

Paul Gobbett, 42, from Newport, said he was approached by two spectators towards the end of the match between Caldicot Town FC and Maesglas in September.

“One was standing nose to nose with me. I said, ‘The game’s over mate, leave the field.’ Then the Caldicot manager told him to get off the pitch.

“He did, before running across the pitch and hit me twice in the side of the head,” said Mr Gobbett, who suffered concussion and took a day off work.

Caldicot Town FC accepted a fine of £250. “Nothing like this has happened to me in 13 years of refereeing,” he said.

“I’ve been sworn at, spat at, but never been smacked by a spectator.”

Gwent Police confirmed that a 41-year-old man has been cautioned for common assault.

Caldicot Town secretary Steve Bright said the club has always had a zero tolerance approach to violent conduct. The club has also apologised to Mr Gobbett.