BURGLARIES in Abergavenny fell compared to last year during a six-week operation in the town targeting thieves.

August and September saw four burglaries in each month, with one in the first half of October.

There were 17 cases of car crime in August, 12 in September and a further five up to October 12.

This represents a peak in the month in which the operation began, but a fall subsequently.

In August 2011, there were two burglaries and nine the following month.

After a spike in burglaries in the town in the first eight months of this year, which more than doubled compared to the same period last year, a crackdown was launched aimed at stopping the problem.

The operation ran from mid- August until the end of September and involved a mix of enforcement and education.

The two sergeants, four PCs and ten community support officers who make up the Abergavenny neighbourhood policing team patrol the streets to act as a deterrent.

If they see a car with valuables left on show, the owners’ details are looked up and officers send a letter to their home asking them to be mindful of what they leave on show and offer crime prevention advice.

Number plate recognition technology is also used to catch travelling thieves who come in from bordering areas.

This reads the number plate and checks databases to see whether that car is linked to outstanding warrants, people of interest or previous crimes.

Between January and August 2011, there were 21 burglaries in homes in the town.

This year, there were 44 nondwelling burglaries, those from places such as sheds and garages have fallen, from 112 between January and August 2011, to 97 this year.

Sgt Jon Williams said: “We managed to speak to the majority of Abergavenny residents during our patrols and tell them about keeping their homes secure and their valuables safe.

“We hope that local residents will keep locking their windows and doors and remain vigilant in their communities.”