PEOPLE living on a Newport estate who were "terrified" of a gang in 2004 which included convicted murderer Gavin Mills say they feel let down by the court system.

The Argus reported how Mills, 26, of Glebe Street, Newport, who pleaded guilty to the murder of Polish baker Jerzy Dubiniec on Tuesday, was part of a gang banned from the Broadmead and Moorland Park estates in Newport back in January 2004 by an anti-social behaviour order.

This came after Mills and two other youths caused months of misery for people living there with behaviour including abusing residents, throwing stones, setting fires and threatening and intimidating neighbours.

A resident of the estate, who asked not to be named, said: "The view of the people here is that it is the system which has let everyone down. The community here were terrified of him and others. They ruled the roost but were just let back out. This is not a surprise. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the family of Mr Dubiniec.

Lliswerry ward councillor Allan Morris said: "This lad was identified at a very early age. He was part of a gang who terrorised the area. In my opinion, the courts were very lenient. When the community is crying out for help, the courts should listen as this time the community were proved right.

"I feel very sorry for the victims and for the family of Jerzy Dubiniec."

Mills was sentenced to life imprisonment at Newport Crown Court after pleading guilty to the murder of Mr Dubiniec. He had previously denied the charge but changed his plea on the second day of the trial.

Mills was sentenced to a minimum prison term of 12-and-a-half years following the attack in Broad Street, Newport, on August 20 last year which saw him repeatedly kick, punch and jump on Mr Dubiniec.