By Emma Mackintosh   A WOMAN who broke a "love rival's" arm during an unprovoked attack outside a Newport city centre pub has been jailed.

Jordana Cummings, 22, from Medway Road, Bettws, was in the Greyhound pub shortly after midnight on June 29 this year when she went up behind Emma Brown and pushed her to the floor.

Cardiff Crown Court heard how Cummings believed Ms Brown had had a fling with her boyfriend 12 months previously.

CCTV footage showed Ms Brown leaving the pub and trying to hail a taxi, when the defendant grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground, kicking and punching her while she was still on the ground.

Stuart McLeese, prosecuting, said the defendant was pulled off Ms Brown, who went to the Royal Gwent Hospital with a fractured right arm which required an operation to pin and plate the injury.

In interview with police, Cummings said there had been ill-feeling between the pair and said she had gone into a rage when she saw the complainant.  She said she was devastated by her behaviour which was out of character.

Hashim Salmann, mitigating, said Cummings, a single mother, felt genuine remorse for her actions and was ashamed.

The judge, Recorder Gareth Evans QC, said: "As soon as you saw her you wanted to cause her harm, and you did. You followed her outside and continued to kick and kick and kick.

"This was violence at night and if you were a man there would be no question of me pausing to consider if you should go to prison."

Cummings sobbed as she was sentenced to 12 months in prison, of which she will serve six, and was made the subject of a restraining order against Ms Brown until further notice.