COUNCILLORS in Newport say a proposed Gipsy and traveller site near the busy High Cross roundabout would increase traffic, which could result in a fatality.

Allt-yr-Yn ward members David Fouweather, Matthew Evans and Charles Ferris are against a planned residential site at Brickyard Lane because access is poor due to a blind junction linking it with the busy Glasllwch Crescent.

They are supporting a Romany Gipsy family already living at the site who are concerned word of the plans will spread and attract other families to the area.

Cllr Fouweather said: "Traffic moves very quickly there and I fear there will be a fatality if they allow more traffic on to that site.

"The committee have said it's acceptable for four pitches, each pitch holds two caravans. Would the planning department allow eight homes on the site? I think not."

Cllr Evans branded the access "perilous" and said other planning applications for the site had been turned down because of highway safety.

Cllr Ferris added: "It’s potentially lethal there, I know they say it would only be for four slabs but that doesn’t mean just four caravans, they would be effectively be doubling the occupation there upping the odds of a crash dramatically."

The council’s own highways team raised concerns during recent consultations and said plans for the existing encampment were only granted under "exceptional circumstances" because the family living there needed immediate housing.

They said Gwent Police were likely to object because they were concerned about the previous application.

In a report to be considered by cabinet today, planning officers noted the concerns but said as it was only a contingency site for four pitches, it was considered acceptable.

Brickyard Lane has been earmarked as a residential encampment, along with the former Ringland Allotment if a need for Gipsy and traveller sites arose in future.

A preferred residential site is planned for the Road Safety Centre, in Ringland, while transit sites could be built on a yard off the A449, or Celtic Way, Marshfield if that is not suitable.

The cabinet will discuss the plans today (MON) but a final decision on whether to replace five existing sites in Local Development plan with the newly chosen areas will be made by full council next year.