LAST week’s picture of Church Street, Abertillery, was recognised by a couple of readers.

William Price, Crumlin, Gwent, remembers Church Street, Abertillery, back in the 1930s as he lived around the corner from Church Street.

He would walk along this road to the pits where he used to work, which is now a leisure centre.

He remembers getting the Argus every evening on the left-hand side in Church Street.

Mr Price also remembers Foundry Bridge, which used to be there. He has memories of sitting there with his friends until 10pm and being moved on by local policemen.

Brian Mathias, Cwmtillery The Now and Then picture is Church Street, Abertillery.

The tall building in the old photograph used to be a chapel and it burnt down.

Catherine Lloyd recognises the Now and Then picture as Church Street, Abertillery.

Peacocks store was on the righthand side, along with the opticians, Rayners.

There used to be an old bus stop on the left and going forward takes you to Foundry Bridge.

Regarding a letter published on Tuesday, December 4, Idris Hitchings wrote a letter and asked readers if people knew the fate of the locomotive Cwmbran.

Mr H Williams called in, giving details of a website to find the information.

He tells us the English Electric Type 3/37 Class locomotive was scrapped by European Metal Recycling at Kingsbury Yard on May 14, 2008. If this information could be posted in the Now and Then page I’m sure both Idris Hitchings and Mr Williams would be appreciative.

Two memories of the Now and Then picture of Clarence Place from the December 4 edition came into the office.

Mrs Malbina Reardon, Newport, said the Now and Then picture is of Clarence Place.

You can see Newport Art College, which was closed for many years until it was turned into new flats.

Macross shop used to be on that road, selling prams etc, and Hughes’ that sold TVs, washing machines and radios. There used to be a sand and gravel merchants around the corner, as well as Price the Builders, who eventually moved by George Street Bridge on the other side of the road.

Iceland was opposite the college with a car park at the back of it.

The Ivy Bush pub is on the stretch of road and the Odeon Cinema used to be there, but has now closed. The war memorial is in the centre, as well as the tax office. Newport Bridge is nearby.

Brian J J Jeff, Newport, says he also recognised Clarence Place.

The building on the right in both pictures is the former technical college, which later became the art college and which has since been converted into flats or apartments.

In the Then photo, which must have been taken in or before 1937, (because it shows a tram and the last one ran in 1937), the building on the left is the Newport Mon Last week’s picture Motor Company.