THE last Friday before Christmas, known as ‘Mad Friday’ or ‘Black Friday,’ has been described by Gwent Police as relatively quiet, with no major incidents.

This year, fewer people were arrested, while all 179 emergency calls were answered within 10 seconds.

Between 7pm and 3am on Friday, December 21, Gwent Police received 322 non-emergency calls and those 179 emergency 999 calls.

A total of 34 arrests were made between 7pm and 3am, compared to 52 for the same period in 2011. The vast majority of the arrests were for minor public order offences.

“Police officers and staff were out and about across Gwent, as always, keeping people safe and enforcing the law,” said Inspector Christopher Haire of Gwent Police.

“Officers were reminding people to think about how to get home safely and where possible, nipping problems in the bud before they escalated into more-serious incidents.

“While officers did deal with some public order offences, the night passed with no major incidents,” he said.