BUDDING mathematician from Newport has finished third in Wales in a worldwide maths challenge.

  Felix Pelling, aged ten, from Durham Road, Newport, received a bronze medal for his achievements in the Mathletics Championships, held over two days at the end of last month.

  The St Joseph’s RC Primary pupil tackled more than 1,000 questions online over the two days as he competed against pupils from across the globe in a variety of tests of maths skill.

  Day one of the challenge, which schools opt in to but pupils tackle online, predominantly in their own time, saw Felix try to achieve the maximum 15,000 points available for as many correct answers as possible.

  The key is accuracy, not speed, with only mistakes counting against your score not the time you take. It meant determined Felix was up at 5am tackling questions before school.

  On the second day participants take on other pupils across the world in a sort of knockout competition, with the first contestant to get three questions wrong being knocked out.

  Felix’s proud mum, Juliet, said: “There are often stories about sporting achievements and even writing competitions but we don’t often hear of success in maths.

  “We were over the moon with his achievement.”

Felix said: “ When I heard I had come third in Wales I felt really proud. Maths is my favourite subject at school. I don’t really know why, I just really like it.

  “Most of the tests got harder as you went through and some took me a while to work out.

  “When it was read out in assembly that I had come third in Wales everyone was cheering.”

  Asked if he would take part again next year, modest Felix said: “I will definitely have another go but I don’t know if I can do any better.”