A MAN living in a city residential home under threat of closure says its residents should be left to live their lives in peace.

Terry Keating, 95, lived on the Gaer until 2012, when he had to give up his home and moved into Hillside care home on Gaer Road.

He was told that his mobility meant he didn't qualify for a place within an Extracare scheme - which council officers now want to replace Hillside with.

In a letter to be given to the council, Mr Keating said he feels safe and secure at the home.

He writes: "Let the people of Hillside live this last chapter of their lives in peace - we deserve it."

Mr Keating, who lived on the Gaer for 61 years and has been a chairman and treasurer of the Ebbw Bridge Club Committee, said his life has always been part of the Gaer community.

He said: "In 2012 I had to give up my home that was filled with memories of a happy marriage because my mobility would no longer allow me to access my toilet or bathroom.

"After being told that my mobility didn't qualify for place within Extracare I chose to remain and live on the Gaer and was given a new home in Hillside.

"I am safe and secure here in the knowledge that should my mental health become poor there are trained staff to recognise this and help me.

"I'm happy at Hillside and I am care for by the staff above and beyond belief.

"I have no intention of losing my dignity, privacy or my home again, because the council think that they can push me around because I'm 95-years-old."

Shutting Hillside Care Home is one of the proposals in Newport council is consulting on for its draft budget for 2013/14.

But the council says it would not close until the 2015/16 financial year if the proposals are accepted.

Officers want to replace it with an Extracare scheme - where residents would become tenants in especially adapted properties with 24/7 care.

Residents may be offered another residential home if there is a vacancy. Those who aren't suitable would be allocated a social worker to ensure appropriate accommodation is found.