THEY’RE usually spotted at the side of American sporting events but Newport’s newest cheerleading team are hoping to make the sport a mainstay in the city.

The South Wales Saints were set up by cheerleading mad Kerry-Ann Bradnick, 22, in January 2012 after she fell in love with the sport while working as a lifeguard at the Newport Centre.

Miss Bradnick, who lives in Caerleon Road, Newport, said: "I used to see a group practising when I worked at the Newport Centre and thought it looked amazing and wanted to have a go.

"So when I went to Swansea University I joined the team there.

"It is not a big sport over here yet but it is growing massively."

Miss Bradnick, who was a flyer at Swansea which meant she played the stomach churning role of being hurled around in the air by her colleagues is now hoping to add to the squad’s 28 members and is also on the hunt for sponsors.

"We have 26 girls and two boys at the moment aged between 16-24 but it would be nice to expand the squad over the next year.

"Cheerleading can be quite expensive, the uniforms cost £70 for just a top and skirt and entering competitions can cost around £1,000 so we are looking for sponsors to help with the cost.

"When we started out I had to go to Cardiff market and buy a load of ribbon to make the cheerleading bows to save us some money.

"Cheerleading is a brilliant way to get fit and great fun. You do have to be dedicated though as it is a real team sport.

"It is quite an easy sport to pick up but can become very technical. It is a sport where you rely on others as I know having been dropped on my head a few times,” she joked.

If you would like to find out more about the group you can visit their Facebook page or email