MOST of Islwyn closed down today, with around four inches of snow falling.

All Caerphilly council offices were closed from around 10am, with only critical services operational after that time.

A spokesman said its highways team worked through the night with help from ground maintenance, park services and cleansing crews to clear footpaths in and around town centres, schools, residential and OAP homes and emergency service areas.

The large amount of snow, however, disabled most areas, with all schools in the local authority area closed.

Newbridge ground to a halt, with four inches of snow falling by 10.30am.

Jane Jeremiah said: "There’s been no gritters and no life around here today. The schools are closed, the snow is deep and we’re all stuck inside."

It was a similar story in Blackwood, with a number of shops on High Street closed. Newscene opened to sell the morning’s newspapers, but Nicola Gameson said: "I don’t think we’ll be open all day. A few people are braving it on foot, but there are very few cars."