AROUND 100 people braved the snow to visit the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran on Saturday night to see the mystery 24-hour musical.

At 7.30pm on Friday the ten members of the cast assembled to produce a fully staged musical, having previously had no idea what the show would be.

Only the producer and directors knew, and the show was revealed to be the comedy farce Lucky Stiff.

The production tells the story of a man who inherits $6 million, but before he can get his hands on the fortune he has to take his dead uncle on holiday to Monte Carlo. Lucky Stiff was produced by Andrew Hopkins and directed by Alex Marshall and Carling Connor. Mr Hopkins said: “There were points when we thought it wouldn’t happen, but we made it clear from the start the show would go on despite the weather.

“We rehearsed throughout the night and at one stage it felt like we had hit a brick wall in the early hours of the morning when we were all feeling tired.

“But we pushed through it and it went really well. “