AFTER last Friday’s snow fall across Gwent we commented on how the severe weather had brought community spirit to the fore.

There was more evidence of this throughout the weekend as people have helped clear neighbours’ drives and parents have banded together to ensure their children’s schools are open today.

Meanwhile, councils have been working 24-hour shifts keeping the main road networks open and, increasingly, clearing minor roads and routes through housing estates.

There was no better example of community spirit than at Rodney Parade on Saturday.

Volunteers shifted snow from the pitch covers in an attempt to allow Saturday afternoon’s Newport County v Barrow match to go ahead.

Around 120 County fans answered the call, working with shovels and wheelbarrows from before 8.30am. And they worked a miracle, ensuring the match went ahead against all the odds.

Sadly, County’s efforts on the pitch failed to match their supporters off it as they missed the chance to go to the top of the Conference Premier table by losing 2-0 to bottom-of-the-table Barrow in a truly dire performance.

Many of those who cleared the pitch certainly felt they had been short-changed by the club’s players.

Weather permitting, County play again at Woking tomorrow. They owe their fans three points.