IT WOULD be a terrible shame if the Broadmead and Moorland Park area of Newport became known once more for its level of anti social behaviour.

So much work has gone on in recent years to improve this once troubled estate that it is barely recognisable from the place it was eight years ago.

At that time delivery vans were reluctant to enter and emergency services often found themselves under attack from unruly youths.

But in recent years residents have found the courage to stand up to culprits and much has been done to improve the quality of life for citizens.

This improvement has been threatened by the actions of a tiny minority in recent weeks.

But what has been so promising is the reaction to it.

Newport City Homes and police officers are working together to deal with this bad behaviour.

And we believe this is the right way to deal with it.

Ten youngsters have been issued with behaviour contracts, two others have received Asbos and one tenant has seen a reduction in tenancy rights.

Meanwhile, events are being organised, a newsletter has been launched and there are caretaker patrols at the request of tenants.

This approach shows a level of determination to ensure the improvements seen in recent years are not lost.