A PROJECT that is helping change lives on a Newport estate was praised by a UK government minister.

Wales office minister Baroness Randerson visited the Sustainable Livelihoods initiative, run by Oxfam and Duffryn Community Link (DCL).

The scheme supports people on the estate by encouraging them to regain control of their lives, be they financial issues or personal problems.

Courses are run on everything from craft making and decorating, to schemes dealing with relaxation, personal health and even in helping to host a show on Newport City Radio.

Baroness Randerson said: “This visit has enabled me to see first hand the valuable work both Oxfam and Duffryn Community Link are doing for the local community in Newport, ensuring families are accessing all the services, support and resources available to them.

“Community projects like Duffryn Community Link have a critical, but also very challenging role in these difficult economic times.”

Bob Barry of DCL said the meeting gave the link the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of the initiative.

The scheme is funded by Communities First, Oxfam and the Big Lottery Fund.