A NURSERY in Pontypool is looking to find a new home for a large cat mascot, to be used for charity fundraising events.

Osbourne Lodge Nursery in Pontypool no longer has a use for the cat mascot, and is hoping to find it a new home for free, so it can continue to help raise money for charities in the area.

The mascot was originally the Webster Cat, launched by Torfaen council for their Webster website.

Osbourne Nursey was one of the very first businesses to use the Webster site was part of a target group helping to develop the site in Pontypool.

The mascot was donated to the nursery, when the council no longer needed it, and the nursery in turn donated money to the then mayor's chosen charity Tenovus.

The nursery has used the costume a few times over the years for publicity and charity fundraising.

Anyone interested in taking the mascot should contact Nikola Masters on 07970034552.