MORE than 100 people took part in a procession through Newport yesterday to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

Members of the Islamic community of all ages gathered at Al-Noor mosque on Harrow Street before making their way to the Jamia mosque on Commercial Street. Men and children walked the two-mile route carrying green flags and banners and participants were reminded at the start to set a good example as it was a peaceful procession.

Imam Saddiq Rehmn, of Al-Noor mosque, said the event was about engaging with the community. He said: "This is about spreading the way of the prophet. Some people do stop and stare, but that is because they do not know what we are trying to do. This is about spreading peace and love around the community."

The event had been scheduled two weeks ago, closer to the date of the prophet’s birth, but was called off because of heavy snow. Imam Rafiq, of Jamia Mosque, thanked the police for their help and support during the procession.