A NEWPORT supplier said it was "a huge shock" after horsemeat was found in the products supplies to a Welsh council.

Pembrokeshire council has withdrawn all mince products from its schools, care homes and day centres with immediate effect after horse was found in some of Welsh Bros Ltd's products.

Meat supplied by the Gwent firm to a consortium of councils - including Pembrokeshire - was found to have horse meat present after tests.

Council bosses from the West Wales local authority said they had been given assurances by their other suppliers that their meats were fully traceable.

Meanwhile, Welsh Bros described the horse meat find as a huge shock.

Managing director Alan Haycock, from the company based on the Leeway Industrial Estate, said: "We received an email about this last night.

"A test came back positive.

"We haven't seen the certificate yet.

"But this is all under investigation with trading standards now and we are waiting for further information.’’ It is believed the meat involved was distributed in December 2012.

"We're very busy contacting our customers now and letting them know,’’ added Mr Haycock.

Pembrokeshire Council said the mince "may’’ have been supplied to schools as well as council-run residential homes and day centres within the county, so it decided to withdraw the affected products.

Affected batch tested 'produced three months ago' - statement

Welsh Bros Ltd issued a formal statement saying: "The batch affected was produced nearly three months ago. Welsh Bros Foods did have a clear test result for frozen free flow minced beef on 17.01.13. We submitted these samples when the horse meat scandal first broke in January.

"We have since submitted further samples which we are still awaiting test results for.

"Welsh Bros has been provided with test results from other authorities who have tested more recent batches of our free flow minced beef and these have been reported as being clear.

"We therefore believe at this stage that this is an isolated incident.

"We have today issued a withdraw notice with the Food Standards Agency for frozen free flow minced beef produced between 13.12.12 which was the pack date of the suspect test and 17.01.13 which is the date we achieved our clear test result."