WORK has started to remove fire damaged waste from a Nantyglo site where waste was burning for much of January.

The Environment Agency Wales will be removing around 850 cubic metres of waste from the site.

Angry residents concerned about their health had confronted officials from the Environment Agency over the blaze at the Adrian Lewis Waste Paper Collection waste paper plant on Blaenant Road on Saturday, January 5.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency Wales said: “We are stepping in to remove the waste to prevent any further risk to local people or the environment, and to prevent further fire risk.

“Responsibility for removing the waste lies with the operator of the facility but this has not been done.

“On this occasion, we’ve made the decision to step in and remove the waste, as we are concerned that if left unattended, it could pose a further fire risk and remain a blight on the local community.

“Following the incident, we’re reviewing the conditions in the Environmental Permit to make sure the operations at the site are improved.

“We are also considering our enforcement position and any claim for the costs of the removal from the site operator.”

The cause of the fire remains unknown, but an investigation by Environment Agency Wales found that the operator of the site had not broken conditions in its Environment Permit in relation to how much waste had been stored at the site.