A NEWPORT woman tried to steal Power Rangers toys, pick and mix sweets and bottles of wine from Morrisons while drunk in charge of a child, a court heard.

Melissa O’Reilly, 25, of St Andrew’s Place, appeared in Caerphilly Magistrates Court yesterday, where she admitted theft on February 19 this year and being drunk in charge of a child on the same day.

Prosecutor Ian Kolvin told the court O’Reilly went to Morrisons, Spytty Road, with her four-year-old son and began placing food items and toys into his rucksack.

While she paid for some, she was caught trying to leave with further items and taken to the security office at the supermarket.

She was found to have two bottles of wine, cheese, seven Power Ranger toys, two CDs, pick and mix and muffins she hadn’t paid for.

There was a further Spiderman toy that had been opened and the four-year-old was playing with.

The items totalled £58.47p and were all recovered, although the Spiderman figure, worth £8, could not be resold as it had been taken out of its packet.

Defence solicitor Gareth Thomas said O’Reilly was thoroughly ashamed at her first court appearance, adding: “Hopefully, shame will mean it will be the last.”

Aprobation report said that O’Reilly is a single mother on benefits after leaving a managerial position because she could not juggle it with childcare arrangements.

It said that she drinks to “help manage her emotions,” feeling trapped.

On the day of the incident, she only intended to have one glass to settle her nerves, but ended up drinking a whole bottle, the report said.

Chairman of the bench Peter Fry gave her a 12- month community order, with activities to address her alcohol issues.

She must also pay £8 compensation to Morrisons, £25 costs and £60 victim surcharge.