IF THERE’S something strange in your neighbourhood who are you going to call?

The Monmouth Ghost Watchers, that’s who.

The group investigates the public’s supernatural concerns using old and new techniques, such as Ouija boards and infrared cameras.

The team says they have experienced many serious cases of the paranormal in and around Gwent, with members allegedly being growled at, scratched, pushed down stairs and spotting floating black masks.

The group’s lead investigator and founder, Phil Jones, 39, of Monmouth, said: “As a kid I knew there was something going on. I used to see shadows and hear things.”

The group says that 99 per cent of the photos people take of the supernatural are fake and are merely light reflections, but the Ghost Watcher team has taken lots of photographic and video evidence of the many haunted properties around Monomouth.

The Monmouth Ghost Watchers’ group was formed in 2007 and has since investigated many allegedly haunted locations in South Wales, using their specialist equipment to put concerned members of the public at ease.

“For example, at a home in Monmouth there was a child talking to someone who wasn’t there, so we went to the house and did some experiments,” Mr Jones said.

The Ghost Watchers make a point of not telling people that their homes are haunted, preferring to let them make up their own minds after they have presented supernatural evidence. The non-profit team has appeared on BBC Radio 4 in a programme called The League Of Gentlemen Ghost Chase, and is now having a regular slot on a USA paranormal network.

The seven members meet regularly to try to plan an investigation at least once a month to places such as Llanthony Secunda Manor, Caldicot, which was voted the most haunted location in 2001.

Recent investigations have included The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, derelict private hotels in Cardiff, and Penbury Sands.

Now the team is planning to do a charity ghost hunt for the public to get involved in, in the next month, as part of the Big Wish For Chase Appeal, to help a girl from Monmouth with cerebral palsy, Chase Vaughan, to walk unaided.

The father of two, who sells paintball equipment, added: “It is our own hobby but we have had many people contact us because there have been things going wrong in their homes.

“We try to put people at ease there is definitely something out there,” he said.

● E-mail phil@ghostwatchersinc.co.uk or call, 0753 5669258.