A NEWPORT doctor is aiming to row a huge stretch of the North Pacific Ocean, as part of a fourstrong team.

Nia Owens, from Bassaleg, and her three friends hope to set a few world records when they make the epic, 2,100-mile trip next summer.

Team Boatylicious, an all-female crew, will attempt to be the first female team of four to make the journey, as part of the first-ever New Ocean Wave Great Pacific Rowing Race.

The team is looking to secure £50,000 to take part and has approached major corporate companies for sponsorship to help with essential rowing equipment.

Former Royal Gwent Hospital worker Nia, Emily Blagden, Laura Kennington and Mollie Hughes will be making the journey from California to Honolulu in Hawaii on June 7, 2014.

“None of us are rowers, but we’ve started training already,”

said 27-year-old Nia, who divides her time as an A&E doctor between Cardiff and Bristol. “It’s hard to get together, because the girls are in London and Essex, but we try to train together at least once a month.”

The race will demand two-hour rowing, two-hour resting periods for the participants, and the journey could take up to 55 days for a team of four to complete. They are each expected to burn an average of 5,000 calories a day.

The Pacific Ocean is known to produce waves of up to 40 feet high during that time of year, and participants will experience a range of weather conditions from storms to flat, calm seas.

An expert weather prediction service will be available to keep all crews up to date with daily weather predictions, personalised for each crew’s position.

All meals will be freeze-dried packs and a bucket will have to be used as a bathroom.

She added: “Whatever you do in preparation, I don’t think you’ll ever be prepared for it until you’re actually there. Whatever you do, it will never be enough.

“It’s really daunting, but very exciting at the same time.”

Anyone looking to sponsor the team should contact teamboatylicious@gmail.com