TORFAEN councillors were positively buzzing at a motion to protect bees in the borough.

Council leader Bob Wellington even revealed himself to be a passionate bee keeper for more than 30 years.

The motion had a serious side though with Labour’s Stuart Ashley concerned with the declining population of bees and other pollinating insects in the borough after meeting with number of environmental groups across Torfaen.

Reading his motion to council, Cllr Ashley said: “The purpose of this motion is to focus on the plight of pollinating insects in our community.” He continued: “This council positively encourages the conservation of pollinating insects by all means in its powers.”

Cllr Ashley’s motion included pledges to produce educational information to be distribbuted to schools and businesses in the borough, a pledge to lead the law in reducing the use of pesticides and arranging a meeting of council with Torfaen’s chief ecologist to discuss practical measures the council can take to increase the number of pollinating insects.

His motion received wide support from the likes of independent Stuart Evans, Conservative Huw Bevan and independent Ron Burnett, with Cllr Burnett saying the council’s obstruction of new allotments in Henllys was evidence of policies which were damaging to the insects.

But it Cllr Wellington who was most effusive: “This is one of the most serious things facing the world. No bees, no food.”

The motion was passed unanimously.