TWO Gwent youths breached their anti-social behaviour orders 19 times between them in the space of just six weeks, a court heard.

Alan George Henry Jenkins and Jamie Lee Seabourne, both 16 and both of Hillside Avenue, Blaenavon, entered restricted areas imposed on them by their ASBOs, Cwmbran youth court was told.

The pair, who were originally made subjects to the orders because of their anti-social behaviour towards residents, pleaded guilty to all breaches.

The court heard that Alan Jenkins breached his restrictions nine times during March 3 and April 9 and Jamie Seabourne breached his restrictions 10 times from February 26 to April 6.

The breaches varied from entering the prohibited streets to being loud and disorderly in the areas.

Prosecution solicitor Margaret Cunningham told the court that the breaches occurred between the dates when interim ASBOs were enforced on February 23 and full ASBOs were imposed on June 13.

Their ASBOs are set to expire on December 13 2008.

Both defendants had entered Llanfoist Crescent, Morris Rise and Woodland Street Blaenavon, when they were restricted from doing so, it was said.

Defence solicitor Ross Williams, representing both defendants, asked the magistrates to impose reporting restrictions on the case, but the application was rejected after the Argus appealed for them not to be imposed on the grounds of public interest.

Seabourne is already subject to a community punishment order, imposed on him on November 9 for six months, and a supervision order, imposed on him for six months on September 26, for past breaches of the ASBO.

For his latest offences, another supervision order by the Youth Offending Team was imposed for a further six months, to run alongside his existing order.

Jenkins is already subject to a reparation order for a previous breach.

That order was extended for a further 20 hours and a supervision order for three months was also imposed.

Both were ordered to pay £172 costs each.

The ASBOs mean both teens are prohibited from engaging in conduct which causes or is likely to cause alarm, distress or harassment or encouraging others to do so; engaging in behaviour which is or likely to be threatening, abusive or insulting to others, or encouraging or inciting others to do so; leaving their homes between 10.30pm and 6am; accessing an area of Blaenavon, marked on a map provided to them, which includes Broad Street, Elgam Avenue, Phillips Street, Hill Street, Duke Street, Cross Street and the streets in between.