AN ANGRY Newport father is leading a protest against parents parking illegally outside his son's school.

Simon Powell said he was abused by some parents and even threatened by a man with an iron bar for campaigning to stop people leaving their cars on yellow zig-zag lines.

Mr Powell, 42, wants to stop people parking outside Clytha Primary School in Bryngwyn Road, and is gathering evidence so Gwent Police may prosecute.

Mr Powell, whose six-year-old son Joe attends the school, said: "If cars are parked outside the school, children can't cross safely. They can't be bothered to walk and it's putting our children's lives in danger."

Mr Powell last week slapped warning stickers on illegally parked cars.

He said: "I got a lot of abuse and threats. One man got out of his car with an iron bar and threatened me. Luckily I managed to talk him out of hitting me."

Mr Powell reported the incident to police but declined to press charges.

Instead he wants police to prosecute illegal parkers otherwsie he will seek civil prosecutions.

Last Thursday he photographed 10 illegally-parked cars and last night (MON) went to the school with a video camera. He plans to repeat the exercise and hand evidence to police.

Mr Powell says he has the support of a number of parents as well as local councillor Matthew Evans, who said: "It's completely unacceptable that people ignore the restrictions."

Clytha Primary headteacher Ann Picton has written to parents, saying the issue was of "great concern". She has long been worried about the traffic situation.

A Gwent police spokeswoman confirmed a man reported being threatened with an iron bar outside the school but refused to press charges.

She said: "Where there are enforceable parking restrictions on any road we will issue tickets to people breaking the law. Officers continue to carry out patrols in the area of Clytha Primary to take action where appropriate."

The spokeswoman said any evidence collected by Mr Powell would be examined by officers.

Newport council urged parents to consider pupils' safety when parking near schools.