UPDATE: 4.48pm

Victoria councillor Chris Jenkins, who lives opposite where the incident took place on Liverpool Street, said there is no reason for the local community to worry despite there being a “lot of police” at the scene.

Cllr Jenkins said: “It’s quite dramatic when you see an ambulance and five police cars there and the street being closed off. It’s a very quiet place so it’s a bit of a shock. “But it was very calm, there’s nothing for the community to worry about – it was one household where things got out of hand.”

She added: “It was very well handled by the police.” There are currently no police cars at the scene and the street is now opened as normal.

UPDATE: 4.17pm

A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesperson said the woman, who is in her thirties, sustained a head injury in the crash this afternoon.

UPDATE: 3.48pm

GWENT Police say a woman was injured after being hit by a car on Liverpool Street this afternoon. They added that the driver and the people in the vehicle were known to the woman.

They were called at around 12.45pm today. Police are now hunting the occupants of the car and the woman is currently being treated in hospital.

UPDATE: 3.07pm

WE'RE getting reports of a police incident in Newport on the corner of Bristol Street and Liverpool Street in Maindee. Are you at the scene?

Eyewitnesses say a white tent has been erected at the scene with scene of crime investigation reported. We have reporterts and photographers en-route, but tell us what you can see. E-mail pics if you have them to newsdesk@southwalesargus.co.uk