A BOOK on the hidden mathematics behind cult TV series The Simpsons will be launched at a Gwent comprehensive school – which is near the aptly-named Springfield.

Author Dr Simon Singh will be launching The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets at Pontllanfraith Comprehensive School on October 9.

Dr Singh, an ex-CERN physicist and number one bestselling author of Fermat’s Last Theorem, will be lifting the lid on this hidden maths. The Simpsons is the most successful show in television history but

Most people are unaware that The Simpsons writing team is bristling with maths PhDs, and the series contains enough maths to form a university course.

Dr Singh will bring to life the mathematical concepts. by using episodes like “Bart the Genius” and “Homer3” as examples.The launch will explain Homer’s Last Theorem, a digestible history of Apu’s favourite number, pi, and pupils will be given the chance to meet some great mathematicians of the past. Dr Singh said: “This book is aimed at all age groups, but I know that the writers of The Simpsons love the idea that their mathematical jokes might be inspiring the next generation of geeks.

“Another reason for launching the book in Wales is that the writers of The Simpsons make several jokes about the number pi (3.14), and this number was named by a Welshman, William Jones. Pi is Welsh, and that should be a matter of great pride.” Sian Mainwaring, head of maths at the school, said: “Our pupils at Pontllanfraith Comprehensive feel extremely privileged to have been chosen for the launch of Simon’s new book. It will be brilliant to thing Springfield USA, the home of The Simpsons, now has a link with our pupils.” “We are all looking forward to the opportunity of meeting Simon and participating in this exciting event.”

The book will be published by Bloomsbury on October 10, from £16.99.