A HEADTEACHER of a school near Newbridge has stepped in to a troubled school in Newport.

Last month the Argus reported that Rogerstone Primary School’s headteacher Sam Yeoman has taken a period of temporary leave pending investigations into how tests were done at the school.

Steve Rayer, headteacher of Pantside Primary School in Caerphilly county, is now acting headteacher at the school.

A letter to parents says that Mr Rayer taught in schools in Cardiff and Caerphilly before joining Pantside in 2012.

In the letter Mr Rayer says: “I am delighted and excited to have joined the team at Rogerstone Primary School.

“The children and the staff have given me a very warm welcome. I have met a number of parents on the gate in the mornings already, who have also given me a very warm welcome.

“I am very much looking forward to working with you and the team in school in ensuring your children continue to receive the best possible education. ”

The letter adds that Mr Rayer has experienced three inspections – most recently at Pantside in 2012.

A letter sent to parents by governors chairman Ernest Watkins told parents last month that headteacher Sam Yeoman and deputy headteacher Wayne Millard had been “granted temporary leave” by mutual agreement.

Mr Watkins wrote that he did “not envisage that the arrangements will be in place for the long term and will be dependent upon progress in a pending investigation into the National Reading and Numeracy Tests held earlier this year”.

In August the Argus reported that the way national tests were conducted at Rogerstone Primary School was found to be open to potential abuse by a committee looking into complaints.

A document from the Educational Achievement Service said the committee found significant weaknesses in how the school ran national reading and numeracy tests, giving an understandable if false perception of malpractice.